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Thank you for stopping by my odd little framing shop. Please feel free to look around, leave comments and share.
I began making frames for my print work a few years ago. I did so partly out of necessity, because part of the experience with photography is the making of prints. So, I make lots of prints. I’ve many boxes, a few folders and stacks of prints in several closets. This print obsession stems from staring at a blank wall or space and asking yourself, “You know what would look good there?”
The act of creating of something physical from an idea or concept is also for me a spiritual process. This is a process that can be endlessly improved upon. It doesn’t matter if I lived thousands of years and I got to do all that I wished. Something more could be done, something better could be done.
I’ve been experimenting with builds and designs, which make these framed prints unique. Even if the same print is used over and over, the framed design is never the same. I’ve called this process several names since I started in 2013. The latest name for this process is “Dono Frames.”
The finished framed pieces here are $100 each. Most of my customers or fans live near me so most are delivered in person.
If you need it shipped let me know. I usually ship USPS priority mail. Once you’ve made your selection I’ll package it up and ship it. I’ll send you a PayPal link afterwords for the shipping payment. Most of the time I can repurpose shipments I receive so most shipping cost is just for the postage. I won't know what it will cost because the weight & size varies. The most I paid for shipping was $95 for an 18x22 pieces to Nebraska. Usually the shipping fee is between $25 to $50.
If you wish, you can choose another image of mine. Just email me and let me know which one an I’ll “Dono Frame” it up. The fee is $75 a square foot. Allow up to 3 weeks to complete your order, after the payment has been made.
Remember cash always works too! Questions? Give me a call or email.
Cheers Dono
(727) 741-1819

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