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For a couple of years now I’ve been creating custom framed pieces for my prints. I've made about a 100 now. Here’s how the process usually works. I create an image with a camera. I edit the picture. I print it up. I permanently mount it and frame it with reclaimed wood. Thus, the final product you see before you. The images were printed on archival paper and affixed to the frame permanently. The process creates small imperfections and are deliberate.

I don’t consider the work I’ve created here as straight up photography. More like an artist working with photography. I’ve been calling this process several names over the years… Foto Creations, custom frames, Framed Assemblage and other names NSFW while banging, sawing, painting and gluing my digits and extremities. Mostly family & friends have been calling them Dono’s Frames. If you have a better name leave it in the comments below.

Better yet just leave a comment below and let me know you were here! :)

I’ve not seen an approach like this before. Usually the framing of a piece of work is just considered disposable. Treating it like that has never sat well with me. Framing is just as important as it can either isolate the work or make it engaging. Frame should compliment the art not the decor. So, I began crafting my own frames to compliment the images.

The paraphrase Lao Tzu… The journey of a thousand images begins with one frame. I’ve 900 to go.

In this collection of Dono’s Frames I’m selling them for a $100 a piece.

Right now they are boxed up and stuffed in a closet. My next show is in January 2018. Which requires 35 new creations. The more I sell the more I can make. Plus, It will keep me on the path of 1000 creations, alleviating the cost of printing and various “art supplies.”

If you wish you can pick another image of mine to frame. Just email me and let me know which one. Same price.
Shipping is extra and isn’t included with your purchase. I usually ship USPS priority mail. Once you’ve made your selection I’ll package it up and ship it. I’ll send you a PayPal link afterwords for the shipping payment. Most of the time I can repurpose shipments I receive so sometimes shipping cost is just for the postage. I won't know what it will cost because the weight & size varies.
Remember cash always works too! Questions? Give me a call or email.

Cheers Dono
(727) 741-1819

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