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Some of my favorite Macro/Close-Up Adventures plus a few odds and ends. This collection is mainly from my travels around Florida. Places of Note: Ybor, Washington Oak State Park, Cedar Key, Lakeland, Bok Tower, Selby Gardens, Sarasota Jungle Gardens, Spanish Point, & Miami.
Travel Photos-3940Travel Photos-3881Travel Photos-3877Travel Photos-3861Cast net fishing off Assateague IslandThe Flip SideThe Fall ExperienceYellow PodsAlong the RiverwalkAlong the RiverwalkAlong the RiverwalkAlong the RiverwalkSarasota Jungle Gardens-9014Sarasota Jungle Gardens-8993-Sarasota Jungle Gardens-8979Selby Gardens-72Selby Gardens-42Selby Gardens-133Selby Gardens-111Selby Gardens-55

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