Donovan (Dono) Evans | Upcoming Exhibit July to Sept 2018
The collection in this portfolio is from my upcoming solo exhibit in July, 2018. This also happens to be my 25th anniversary as working artist. This body of work is from multiple ongoing projects - Views from the Underverse, Foto Safari and Galactic Obsession. I’ve also included a few images that I made just for the fun of it.

About the frames… Back in 2013 I was invited to exhibit 15 original prints created with my iPhone 4s. Lacking the necessary funds to have them framed at a frame shop, I decided to try my hand and craft some frames. The final results were very well received and I ended up selling half of the show. I even began to receive commissions for my framed prints.

The process - The images are printed on archival papers. They are also mounted on archival photo boards. I created a wood base on 1/8” masonite board and then mount the print on that. I then use either scrap lumber or pallet wood to create the frame around the print. Mistakes in the creation of these framed prints are part of the process, Each frame is a unique creation designed to compliment the print.

My goal as an artist is to inspire others about our place in the universe. Despite how large it is we are forever connected to the “star stuff” inside us all.

The exhibit will run from July to September and will be at the Willow Creek Gallery in Winter Springs, FL There will be a reception held at the Gallery. The date and time will be announced as the exhibit gets closer.

Each framed print in the exhibit will be available for sale. My framed prints from the exhibit can be purchased online here. There is also an option to purchase unsigned prints.

2017 - Donovan aka Foto Dono.

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Framed Prints

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Just the prints