Donovan (Dono) Evans | About
“My ideas and style come from unexpected, the unknown, the disorderly, the absurd, and the impossible. By being open to accidents I can create the visuals that can inspire and move people. Some could say I'm a madman with a camera!”


Who is Foto Dono? Why do I craft the images that you see before you? As the saying goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words”, but I see myself as a storyteller and I don't think you need a thousand words. In fact, I like to skip to the end of the story. I task my viewers to look at my latest work and see beyond the ending. In a book you can go back to the beginning. Understand the evolution from start to finish. But with my photos I leave it to the audience to create the story. How did this begin? What conflict may have happened in the middle of this tale to bring us to this conclusion? I have my ideas about that; but what are yours?


Storytelling can be done with a pen, a pencil, or simply some clay. I prefer the camera. While I learned the traditional crafts like painting and sculpture, I also learned about film photography. Later, when digital cameras became an option I embraced the pixel with open arms and saw it as a new avenue to create new stories, and even tell old ones. Thanks to my foundation in the traditional arts and my thorough understanding of modern tools, I am able blend these mediums to fully realize my ideas.


My education is extensive, both in and outside of a classroom. But below are some that truly helped shape my art.

Booker High VPA Art, Sarasota, FL
Valencia Community College, Photography, Orlando, FL
Study Abroad University, Art History via FSU, Florence, Italy
Florida State University, Photography, Tallahassee, FL