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Art Prints on Hahnemühle Fine Art Papers

My Landscapes and Milky Way photos are printed exclusively on Hahnemühle's Fine Art Papers, either on a 17x22, 13x19, or 11x17 sheet of paper. I prefer their Photo Rag® Metallic, Photo Rag® Baryta, and their Fiber Papers for my prints. The image is printed uncropped on the sheet. The photos as ordered, signed, and numbered by me without a watermark. Essentially, I don't have a stack sitting around ready to send at the drop of a hat. It takes three days to print, package, and ship on average.


I plan to only print 200 of each of the selected photos for the first edition.

I plan to rotate images through the Foto Shop. However, email me if you've seen an image posted elsewhere on my website and would like a copy. I'll let you know about the availability.

  • $200 for images on 17x22

  • $150 for pictures on 13x19

  • $100 for pictures on 11x17

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About Hahnemühle

"Achieving outstanding printing results and a high age resistance of over 100 years, the FineArt inkjet papers meet the highest standards for fine art applications and are perfect for long-term exhibitions, art collections, and special editions. To comply with these requirements, high-quality and ultra-pure artist papers are used on a paper basis. Specially manufactured natural wool felts give the artist papers their unique surface texture, providing a three-dimensionality that enhances the image effect thanks to an incredible depth. The heavy FineArt papers, which are based on cotton or alpha-cellulose obtain a high grammage, distinctive paper thickness, and special tactile feel that increase their sense of value.
A premium inkjet coating, which results in an impressive reproduction of color and detail, incredible contrasts, and deep blacks, round off this luxurious high-end assortment of individual FineArt inkjet papers." For more info about their product click here.

Translation - The paper is awesome!