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The Adventure So Far...

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We all have that special someone.  My special someone is RD, The Great.  I've known RD, The Great for almost 30 years.  We've loved, cried, drank and laughed our way through many adventures.  Below are selected texts from a recent adventure between us from July to the end of April...  Our adventures together are far from over.  Cheers Foto Dono.

Notes: RD, The Great texts are in red and mine are in black.  I've only corrected spelling errors and added punctuation when necessary.

The Adventure So Far...

Life is a destination and how we live it... will not be how others perceive it... there will always be a chapter lost... until one day someone, really can capture the moment of an individual's life and it will be gone again...

Liquid goal... foam, zest and many options... one door opened... another one closed... words said and no time to close the door... then silence... did we state a claim or became directed in an unauthorized review of our madness...

Into the Underverse I stepped... Lost and afraid.  Then the Queen found me and held my hand.  For a time she cared for me and made me happy. She left me by the shores of Daydreams when The Voice called her away.

So, real and Daydreams capture the reason in a known but unfamiliar voice...

Between the cracks in the Underverse, The Voice whispers the secret of the Soft Places in the world.

The whispered words... leads to a Voice... that only the leafs can lift, beyond the cracks... In an unforgettable horizon...

Along the daydreams shore, beyond the last horizon, I met the Fiddler's Green. He invited me to sit by his fire.  He said I looked lost and cold.  We talked for a bit until he returned the sea.  The fire he left me cast no shadows.  I shivered in its warmth.

A Talisman and sojourned in a fire without shadows... Only flames lead a glimpse... In a cold caressing warmth...

I weaved the fire into a cloak and wrapped it around me.  I left the shore of dreams and walked deeper into the Underverse.  Into the Canyons of the Neverwhere.  Looking for the Gardens of Nowhere. Hoping to find the Doorwhere to Everywhere.

And the flames still dance to light the Doorwhere to Everywhere in warmth...

As I searched the Queen's essence lingered in the air.  I could see her reflected on the faces of the Disengaged. I shivered in the warmth.

Though disengage appearance of the Queen... Secrets of the truth hold 52 cards of desperation... Silence holds the Queens attention... the moment is lost in desperation...

The Queen speaks through the Silence. Who escorts me to the Labyrinth beneath the Palace of the Shade. The Silence kisses me goodbye. I enter with only my fire woven cloak to protect me.

Searching for the Doorwhere.  It's fallen in the cracks... though everyone looks... only few can see the Doorwhere...Too many labyrinths and only darkness ahead..

Lost in the Labyrinth I stumble and fall. I see glimpses of the Garden where the Doorwhere resides. But only to discover it's just the darkness casting its shadow.

Wondering... is it towards the light or only another card the Joker holds upon the Queen and the throne...

I fall asleep in the Labyrinth Dreaming of the Joker & the Queen. The Queen smiles the forgotten smile. The Joker reminds me that dreams are just another land where we forget we are awake. The Joker's right hand opens presenting The Key.

Though one's hesitation gives time to the left hand to the carďs of Doorwhere... all becomes lost in the coaches of horses...

Riding with coaches of horses with The Joker's key as guide I enter the Valley of the Nightmare Child. They leave there covered in the dust. The sign up ahead reads, "Beware the Noctis Dentium."

The presences of an Omen is felt but not in sight.  The horses are becoming unsteady in their stride.

The light from the Omen lingers on my skin while the Noctis Dentium swirls around my soul. The travels come to a halt and I'm left behind.

You are looking for some kind of gesture for approval to move on. You know the Noctis Dentium is nearing total capture of your soul. Yet there is a glimpse of hope in the mist.for your mission is not done.

With a bit of my soul and flesh paid to the Noctis Dentium the mist parts.  I see in the distance the Garden of Nowhere. But I'm weary from the tribute.  Wrapping the fire woven cloak around me I sleep. Somewhere in my dreams the Queen is amused.

The Noctis Dentium still hold the sound effects, and are so invitational in their marching band. Is my skin really so ravenous! Though I feel it's destruction. I am fast asleep in my fire woven cloak, because there is only an echo in a small buzz of deep solutions. Royalty of the Joker and the Queen is amused in Ancient Stars. In my dreams, the Joker still holds the key.  Where the Hell is the Doorwhere then a War Horn is massive. Yet I am deep in sleep.

Still dreaming I'm cast awaken by a soft caress from the Queen. I find myself alone but the sound of the War Horn lingers.  I'm lost and unsure of my purpose.  I follow, I hope, in the direction of the fading sound.  Traveling for hours I notice up ahead is a small cottage.I hear warmth and feel the mirth as I knock upon the wooden door.  I'm greeted the Last Evening Star and she bids me to enter.I bow before her and give her my thanks.  In her Star Light I notice my skin has changed. Rough and hewn in appearance almost like it was stone.

The Evening Star is Ancient and a glimpse of the Joker gives light to a distant horizon. And the Queen's soft caress is manifested in a visitor waiting to assault my single search.

I stayed with The Last Evening Star for sometime.  In the Underverse there are days and nights but there is no time.  Just the endless moments and short surprises.  In my dreams the Queen smiles and whispers. The Joker cries and shouts.  My skin is slowly changing into stone between the dreams.  I fear shall never find the Doorwhere to Everywhere.  I feel lost as I slip into The Backdoor of Memory and I close my eyes.

I open my eyes and I'm back in the Underverse, waiting for the Queen.

Though the Queen smiles and whispers. The Jokers cries and really shouts.. "Stand tall and near, our King is here! Forget your dreams, and shed your skin. A new birth is taking place to the Doorwhere of Everywhere."

The birth of dreams in Underverse is always accompanied with screams and blood. In the home of the Last Evening Star I can hear those new dreams. They keep me awake in the endless days & nights.  The Last Evening Star smiles and holds my hand. My new stone skin is warmed by her touch.

Oh her warmth will break the skin of stone. Please, look to the Evening Star as the Queen will take all the unbreakable stone, and dissolve it to a Mortal being again.

The Fugazzi came during one of the endless nights.  I could hear them while I slept. When I woke I was alone and back in the labyrinth.  No further than where I started from. I could hear whimpering cries of the Joker echoing in the halls.  Slowly I got up and noticed I was naked again. My cloak had gone. The Queen's image that burned in my mind in my travels had gone. The last words I heard from the Queen..."Before you go to sleep say something kind. In a world obsessed with others it is much healthier to find yourself."

In a moment of silence. One knows reality from truth..yet all in the morning of an obsessed world will fall on deaf ears. For to find oneself is only in the kingdom of nakedness and darkness. Yet, does the cloak hold the answers to unveil the best way to ensure mortality.

The Queen left and took The Joker.  Now Alone in the Underverse and lost in the labyrinth.  The endless nights and days pass without notice. I'm the last man left in the Underverse.  I wander til I stumble back into the Palace of The Shade.  Empty except for the Noctis Dentium.  They swirl unseen in the corners whispering.  I run slipping on 52 cards of Desperation scattered on the floor.  I stumble into a secret door.  The remains of the Disengaged lay on the path before me now.  I can hear the Darkness clawing at the now closed door behind me.  I feel...

I see the door behind me, but yet I still stumble in the darkness. For a closed door, still can slip in one of the 52 cards of the Noctis Dentium.

In the Hallway of Sorrows  I gasp at the reflection  on the Mirror of Satidipuc. The person in I see is not me.  At least not me I see in my head. I've paid a toll to The Underverse. And I think that I shan't see who I was ever again. I am lost without the Queen.

Oh, my child you lost faith.  However, play your joker hand. You, only feel lost under the circumstances. The problem you created in the reflection of your own reality.

My reflection fades in the Mirror of Satidipuc replaced by the Garden of Nowhere.   In the distance the Doorwhere to Everywhere can be seen. I reach for the mirror and surface ripples at my touch... It feels.... Soft and yielding... I step closer holding my breath...


RD The Great & Foto Dono


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