Donovan (Dono) Evans | Moxie Le Femme
These are my favorite fotos from my nights with Moxie Le Femme. The ladies pour their hearts and souls into each performance. I've been fortunate enough to be allowed to photograph them a few times. These are organized from the first snaps to the latest fotos. Moxie Rocks!

Please leave comments below and share your favorites. There are not available for sale. Basically I'm just a huge fan and wanted to show off the pictures. For your Moxie merchandise fix run over to their site - Moxie Merchandise

SaFFire VedetteMoxie WolfButtercup SunsetSacry MoxieMoxie SIngs!Happy Moxie ChristmasThankYOUMoxie PeppermintsparkelusciousThe Blues of OrangeShe'z Gotz LegzThe Tease of the NightMoxie LadiesSailor MoonSailor Moon got the BluesThe Dream of MoxieGood TimesGreen Tyger!A Vision Of Colorokay... ouch! and Oh My!