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Welcome to my little shop around the internet. The collection of photos here is some of my favorite Landscapes, the Milky Way, and other Low Light photography. They are available for art prints and other photo gifts.

Landscapes are a way for me to connect myself to the world. Like most of us, I work and pay bills will probably do so until the day I die. However, that's not living; that's a process of getting by. Landscape photography is, for me, a spiritual connection. The spiritual that I seek isn't religious or a belief in a guiding spirit. The closest I've found that describes how I feel when I look at a landscape is Carl Sagan's - A Pale Blue Dot.


In the end, I'm just a tiny human being walking along the surface of a pebble in the universe. When I'm watching the sun, the moon, or stars rise and set, I can almost feel our tiny world drifting through the "great enveloping cosmic dark." For me, there is no more humbling experience.


My landscape work aims to remind the viewer how small humankind is. How important that we try to be kinder to each other and to this world we live in. We are just stories at the end; we only need to make them a good one. The collection of photos here is my way of leaving a good story for my son. I hope.

Fire in the Sky.jpg
Shot in the Dark Example.jpg
All Metal Prints, Art Prints, Custom Work, and Photo Gift sales are final. The Art Prints listed for sale are 1st edition prints. Only 200 or less are made of each size during this first run. Customers may only exchange Art Prints, Metal Prints, or Photo Gifts if damaged in shipping. Not responsible for items lost upon delivery, i.e., stolen from the front porch.