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I've started work on a new series of images using old digital files I've created. The first in this series involves the "Doorwhere to Everywhere." I shot the original door image back in 1992. The door itself was located just outside Tallahassee near the now demolished Sunland Sanatorium.

Shortly I created a digital file of it. I think with Photoshop 2.0. For the longest time it held the title of "Doorwhere to Nowhere", but about five years ago I discovered I wanted it be more uplifting. So I changed the title. The image is something I've used over the years as a calling card of sorts. Lately it’s become a portal in the Garden of NowHere, The Garden is in a world called the “Underverse.”

“What is the Underverse?” You might ask. I’m not entirely sure just yet. Right now it’s a collection of images from elsewhen and elsewhere. Basically a work in progress, that may never be completed.

You can read a selection from the Journal of Nyborono on his/her adventures in the Underverse here.

Anywho, since 90’s I've created many more things and other digital images. Although I've lost much of what I created back then these images and a few others have somehow withstood at least 10 different computers OS. They went from being carried on a 3.5 floppy, a zip disk, a CD, a flash drive and now stored on a cloud somewhere out there. I’ve included a small sample of those survivors with this collection.

Twenty-Five years later I was thinking wouldn't it be cool to somehow repurpose those digital files. The Underverse seems to be calling them, and so they came back to flesh out that world. After a few stops and starts it seems to be growing.

Let me know what you think. Please feel free to comment, share & enjoy.

Cheers Foto Dono - 2017
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