Custom Prints by Foto Dono

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The Custom Printed Frame series grew from an exhibit where I had to create my frames from scratch. I've since produced over 150 framed pieces of my work. I printed the photos on either Hahnemühle's Metalic Canvas or Photo Rag Baryta and mounted them on 1/8 Masonite in the series presented here. Then I build a frame around them using recycled pallet wood and other found objects. The handcrafting process makes each framed print one of a kind. Each comes ready to hang and are signed by me.

Each piece here is from my collection of Milky Way photos I've taken from Maryland, Nebraska, and Florida. My astro-landscape work aims to remind the viewer how small humankind is. How important that we try to be kinder to each other and to this world we live in. We are just stories at the end; we only need to make them a good one.

For over a year at Manatee County Central Library, these have been on display as part of their public art program. The exhibit has ended, and now they are looking for a new home. Maybe yours? Click on the images below to find out how.

Each one here is $525 including shipping.

Pieces are packaged individually in sturdy containers via USPS Ground or UPS Ground. For overseas and other shipping arrangements, contact me for details.