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Please forgive the title for this portfolio. I do love bad puns... Just check out some of the titles. This portfolio contains a series of images created by using my various iPhones and apps over the years. The apps I've mostly used have been Hipstamatic, Photoshop Express, Camera+, Instagram, or HDR FX Pro. Sometimes the image has been processed through more than one of these app. I mostly use the Hipstamatic App because of its range of choices in active filters. Each upgrade has been a delight and the in app purchases have been very reasonable. Also it fills me with the same surprise and sense of wonder I received when I developed my first image in the darkroom. I hope you like this little portfolio of my iPhone-ography. They are currently sorted by date of when they were shot or created. The latest one should be the first one you see. Feel free to browse and enjoy. Please leave a comment or criticism. I have no Ego to bruise, just don’t be rude! ;) Heck, if you would like a print of them, click on your favorite and place your order. Any prints you order to go to help keep this website, and all my other art photo endeavors. Otherwise please share and enjoy!

Cheers - Foto Dono
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