The Low Light Photo Group

Welcome back to in-person meetings with the Low Light Photo Group. It's been over a year since we last met, and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.

In honor of our first meeting, this will be a photo party! Bring a tiny dish to share - wings, chips and salsa, fruit, cookies. I'll supply the drinks - soda, water, and wine.

The meeting's topic will be creating composite images. I'll go over some blending techniques and also talk about some new equipment available at JPI. Also, bring three of your favorite low-light photos to share with the group - either on a thumb drive, upload them to MeetUp, or send them via Google Drive to fotodono@gmail.com.

If you are unable to attend in person, you can join virtually via zoom. Just select either a virtual or in-person ticket you register, and I'll send you the link.

Seating is limited. Once the seats are taken, only virtual spots will be available.

What is Low Light Photography?

Copy of Skyway Sunrise-4547.jpg

In its simplest definition - Creating photographic images with a small amount of light. However, this can describe a wide variety of pictures. Either you are taking photos in the shadows during the day, just after sunset, or in the middle of the night where only you can see the brightest objects. With cameras becoming better at capturing images, there are more and more opportunities with less light. You can record breathtaking and creative pictures of the night sky. Show the passing of light across the sensor with light painting—record amazing city scenes at night and peer into the shadows to see the minor things.

Who or What is the Low Light Photo Group?

The Group started in January of 2017 with about five active participants. It has developed into 20 to 25 active participants — an email list with over 250 people fascinated by low light photography. It started as an extension of my job as the Director of Education for Johnson PhotoImaging (JPI), along with my passion for creating images in low light.

The group also maintains Facebook Group Page and a MeetUp Group as a way to engage and share with people who've attended past events — sharing images, tips, and tricks. The group page is an extension of my own Facebook Artist Page - Foto Dono.

Please join us as we continue learning and growing within this genre - Donovan, Dono, Foto Dono.

You can join the group online - here at the following social platforms.