Metal Prints by Foto Dono

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Metal prints are trendy, and I've received several requests to have my work printed on metal. I've found that the vibrant white high gloss surface gives you brilliant colors and great details.

Each image is printed on aluminum with a white backing layer. When printing the image on that surface, the light passed through the color and reflected off the white backing. It travels again back through the color before reaching the viewer's eye. This effect gives an extra dimension to the look of the print. It especially looks fantastic with my night landscapes or nightscapes.

Unlike traditional photos I print on art papers, they need to be framed and placed under glass.

I have a limited selection here that are readily available as metal prints. I print the entire image uncropped without a watermark. Essentially, I don't have a stack sitting around ready to send at the drop of a hat. On average, it takes three to five days to print, package, and ship.

However, email me if you've seen an image posted elsewhere on my website and would like a copy. I'll let you know about the availability. Prints sizes start from 11x15 to 30x40. The bigger the photo, the more extraordinary they look.

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