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Behind the Looking Glass - Feb. 2013Cast net fishing off Assateague Island - Oct. 2016Cracks in the skyDon’t Cross Me - April 2013Further into the Outland - October 2012Gas No More - February 2017Growth - December 2012High Plains Homestead - Crawford NE - July 2017IngredientsInside the Abandoned - June 2012Inside the OutsideJames Cosmic Address - Milky Way over Assateague Island, MD - October 2016Miami Night LiteMilky Way by the Skyway Bridge - South Side - Manatee County, FL - November 2016Milky Way over Caspersen Beach, FL - July 2016 - Version 3.0Milky Way over Cortez Fishing Village - Oct, 2016Moon Walk along the Beach - Oct. 2016Morning Flight - March 2011My Inner Canopy - May 2017Naughty Night Life

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