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The Chinese Lantern Festival was held at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, FL. A breathtaking spectacle of light. I went up on Sat, May 16th, 2015 and I was not alone. There were hundreds of folks wondering about snapping their own photos, plus an acrobatic show as well. I couldn't get to the acrobatic show as the area was jammed with folks. But I was able to capture some of the more unique settings in the park. Typically I had set my camera for 30 second exposures in order the blur out the crowd.
Please feel free to share, comment and enjoy.

Cheers Dono
For more info check out The show is running until June 28, 2015.
Chinese Lantern Festival - an hour before sunset.Chinese Lantern Festival - Still waiting for the big ball in the sky to disappear.I wonder if this is what Alice saw through the Looking GlassWhimsy and the Beauty of it all.The Red Jellyfish amongst a sea of phosphorescence.Pretty little lanterns all in a row.Grrr People!Here there be dragons!A Purple Sea Anemone made of light.I wonder if this how the deep dark looks...?

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