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A journey begun, never ends...

Every year I travel on a Foto Safari, and for the last ten years, I've been brought my boy with me. The trip was special to me because it was before his senior year. He graduates next year, and there won't be another summer like this. Well, really, each summer has always been different. However, this will be the summer before he graduates, before he turns 18 before he scampers off into the world. It sounds sappy, and my head knows there will be other summers and other adventures. But it's a change in the dynamic, much like the day he was born.

The Never-Ending Journey - Tiger Creek, GA

I took this photo of him with my iPhone. I watched him wander down the creek, looking towards the next bend and following his path. Watching him reminded me our travels have never been about the destination. It's always been about the journey.

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