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Why Foto Dono?

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

(Sigh) It’s one of those questions I get asked a lot. In short, it began as a nickname and stuck. Over the years, it has meant many things to me - the artist formerly known as Donovan, the sometimes wedding & portrait photographer, and the guy who makes weird sh….err… stuff. However, lately, it’s come to mean something else. My boy is the one who drives me these days. I want to leave behind a body of work that he will enjoy. Hopefully, not some stuff shoved in a closet or just dumped off in a rubbish bin. I want him to see me working on my goals and dreams, how I work to achieve them, and then set new goals for myself. I hope that he sees his crazy old man was, in the end, chasing his dreams of making art. I hope to show him my failures and my successes in my pursuit. I hope to lead him by example. In the end, I hope for him. So, now 25 years later, after it all began, the answer to “Why Foto Dono?” It’s for him.

Caspersen Beach - Jupiter & Venus hanging in the sky
Me and my boy - Planet Gazing - Jupiter and Venus

You can read more about my desire to give my son a cosmic perspective here.

A father holding his infant son.
Day One - May 13, 2004

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