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Pura Vida Muse - 10"x26" (Aprox) Media: Photograph, Reclaimed Wood, Paint, & Found Objects. An image I shot of the muse Topaz LeTease shimmering her thang on stage in Lakeland, FL. I saw her perform shortly after I had just returned from Costa Rica. I had been there for a week hanging out with locals who were friends of friends. While there they introduced me to the Costa Rican culture of Pura Vida. Pura Vida is a unique phrase that can mean different things in certain situations. I favored the explanation given to me as "Full of Life." It was the first thing that popped into my head watching Topaz during her performance . Anywho.. this is the result of that first meeting with Pura Vida bouncing in my head. There is nothing cooler like artists inspiring one another. Then take that inspiration and to be able to make something new with it. That's why she is the Pura Vida Muse.

Pura Vida Muse