Donovan (Dono) Evans | Untamed Emotion
A 5"x5"x5" (approx) box - Media Mixed - Wood, Photos, Metals, and found objects.

This was inspired from a poem written by Candice Coughling, aka Topaz LeTease. She wrote it in mind for this little collaboration. Hopefully we will be able to do more in the future!

When you pick it up and shake it you can hear the emotion inside.

Thanks again Miss C! You are rockin' awesome!

There is only one of these creations. The fotos in this gallery show the many sides of the Untamed Emotion.

Price $295. To purchase select just one side of the box and select buy from the drop down menu. Otherwise contact Dono @ (727) 741-1819 and he take your order over the phone.

For additional info please contact me.

“The Unnerve
A shiver
Deep agony
Each breath
Throbbing veins

Words © Candice Coughlin
Untamed Emotion SideUntamed Emotion SideUntamed Emotion SideUntamed Emotion InsideUntamed Emotion InsideUntamed Emotion TopUntamed Emotion Bottom