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What is a Foto Safari

Every year I take a trip to various places to photograph and try to stretch my creativity. If you wish to order a print, contact me and let me know what size you need. You can order all of my images in a variety of sizes and on a variety of media. For additional pricing and media info, click here at Order Prints.

I also have an extensive collection of prints available at Reprints start at $40, Fine Art Prints $50, and Canva prints at $150. If you see something I've made and it's unavailable there, message me, and I'll get'er done! Almost everything I post on Facebook, Instagram, or my website is available. The average turnaround from print to your place is about 14 days. Buy one for yourself and a friend! Help support a local artist this holiday season!

The collections listed under Foto Safari 2022 are recent examples. I placed a select few from older trips. I divided those into either the Sunsets and Sunrises or Nightscapes.

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