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From the Small to the Infinite

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

My current photographic obsession deals with the infinite. Subjects that are trillions upon trillions of miles. This is a recent development starting a little over 4 years ago. In fact I know when it began.

I took my son to the Caspersen Beach to look at Jupiter and Venus hanging low in the sky. When he held my hand I knew wanted to show him more. So, the next few years I've been chasing the infinite with him by my side.

However, my obsession before the infinite was the small. I had been focused on macro or close-up photography. Yeah, I said it - Focused. :) You'd fine me laying on my back or my front looking at flowers, rocks, leaves and just really cool smallish stuff.

Apart from the obvious "wow" factor, this type of photography, reveals a little about ourselves.  Not just in the subject matter but the patience, dedication and observation it requires for some of these shots.

For me, it's the marvel that something so small and tiny can contain a universe into itself.

Which brings me back to my title of this little blog. For me the small and the infinite are a matter of perspective. Sometime we all need a little perspective.

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